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Daniel Anthony "Danny" Torrance is the son of Jack and Wendy Torrance in The Shining. First appearing in the novel, he appears in the film, miniseries, and opera versions, before making his final appearance in the novel and filmDoctor Sleep.


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The older half-brother of Lucy Stone and the uncle of Abra Stone. He has the "shining", which allows him to detect spirits, thus making him a prime target of the Overlook Hotel. His ability also allows him to see past, present, and future events through his 'guide', Tony. Danny learns about his gift from the Overlook Hotel's cook Dick Hallorann, who also shares the gift.

Doctor Sleep[]

Later as an adult, Danny (now Dan) works as an orderly at a hospice, who uses his abilities to help dying people find peace after they died, learns that his father had an affair with his teaching assistant, Sandy Reynolds and as a result has a half-sister named Lucy and a niece named Abra, who shares his abilities, but on a much more powerful level.

Halloween Horror Nights[]


Danny is heard twice, saying "REDRUM, REDRUM!" But he is only seen once, from behind, sitting on his big wheel tricycle, staring down a hallway where images of the twin girls alternate between a shot of the girls standing, and a shot of their bloodied corpses laying on the floor.


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