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There have been several references to The Shining found in books, magazines, television programs, movies, artwork, music that play an integral role in mainstream society. Below you will find a definitive list to all references to The Shining.

Parodies vs. References[]

References are small nods to the series. They could be as simple as a film poster on a wall or as complex as incorporating entire scenes. Parodies, on the other hand, are completely and solely devoted to The Shining.


While most references will be to the Stanley Kubrick 1980 film version of The Shining, some are to the original Stephen King 1977 novel.



Year Name Description Image
1980 He Knows You're Alone A psychotic man breaks a hole in a door and reaches his hand in only to be stabbed.
1981 Madhouse Smashed door scene.
1981 The House by the Cemetery A strange and mysterious dwelling, a child in danger, a terrified mother and a door shattered by an axe.
1981 Sogni d'oro Michele Apicella plays with a ball, like Jack Torrance.
1981 Nightmare The date/day shown after each 'chapter', in a similar manner as shown in "The Shining", also the famous scene where a mad man breaks a hole in a door and later on reaches his hand in to try and open the door.
1981 Madman Axe through the door scene.
1981 Delitto al ristorante cinese
1982 An Ideal Adventure The famous 'Here's Johnny' scene is copied, with a poster of the Shining hanging next to the door.
1982 Poltergeist Carol Anne wakes up at 2:37 and meets the ghosts, referencing Room 237 from The Shining.
1982 Friday the 13th, Part III Towards the end there's a scene where Dana Kimmell's character is in a closet. Jason hacks through part of the door with an axe, and reaches his hand in only to be stabbed with a large knife.
1982 Pieces Smashed door scene is referenced.
1981 Student Bodies the antagonist "the breather" says the line "here's breather!"
1996 Twister It was played at an Oklahoma drive-in theater when an incoming tornado comes from behind and grinds down the theater into bits.
2008 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia After eating some cat food, drinking beer, and huffing glue in order to “walk a mile in Charlie’s shoes,” Dee wakes up to the infamous invitation to play “forever and ever and ever.” What’s worse, hallucinating creepy twins or finding Danny DeVito peeing into a bucket?
2010 Get Him to the Greek It’s quick, but Russell Brand’s exclamation — “It’s Kubrickian!” — while being chased by Diddy is most certainly in honor of The Shining‘s never-ending hallways. And the never-ending hallways are probably in honor of all those drugs he’s — uh, his character is hyped up on.
2013 Carrie Referenced during the pig slaughter scene: "Don't worry, little piggy. Uncle Jack is gonna bash your head right in."

Also visually referenced when Carrie peers through a splintered door.

Television programs[]

Big Mouth (2019)

  • Season 3, episode 1 In the principal's office, a framed photo of the Overlook Hotel (Timberline Lodge) can be seen.
  • Family Guy (2009)
References-Family Guy-twins.jpg
  • The scene when Danny is riding through the hotel and sees the spirits of the Grady twin girls has been parodied in "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater" and in the opening of "PTV". In the latter, Stewie Griffin runs over the twins with his tricycle. In the former he blows them up with a bazooka missile.
  • In "Love Thy Trophy", Stewie’s letter blocks spell “REDRUM,” or “MURDER” backwards which is spoken many times by Danny Torrance as a warning to the danger the family faces and a hint to the hotel's bloody past.

The Simpsons (1994)

  • Considering that it’s one of the greatest terror tales of all time, it’s no surprise that there’s a “Treehouse of Horror” special devoted to The Shining. Amusingly titled “The Shinning,” the episode sees the Simpson family as caretakers of the Burns mansion. And, inevitably, “No TV and no beer make Homer something something.”

The Office (2008)

  • Dwight Shrute interrupts Michael’s new office plans to channel his inner Jack Torrance, looking a whole lotta crazy as he pulls back his hair and proudly shouts to the camera, “All work and no play makes Michael a dull boy.” He’s pretty great at it. We’d imagine Dwight’s life at the beet farm is a lot like life at the Overlook, just with more beets and less beatings.

Daria (1998)

  • Everyone knows that kid — the one who whips out a pointer finger and chants “redrum” whenever a creepy building is thrown into the mix. As her family’s car approaches a hotel resembling the Overlook, Daria is that kid.

Commercials[] commercial (2009)

  • This 2009 advertisement shows how The Shining would have played out if Wendy Torrance were to have the Internet at her fingertips. Be sure to Bing, “What do I do when my husband chases me up the stairs with a bat,” Wendy, because we’re pretty sure you’re at that scene.


Slipknot, “Spit It Out” (1999)

  • The 1999 music video for “Spit It Out” covers all its Shining bases — twins, axes, “Slipknot” written à la “Redrum,” and even a snowy maze to boot. We’re glad the real thing didn’t involve Slipknot masks; the last thing those hallways needed was a clown.

Thirty Seconds to Mars, "The Kill (Bury Me)" (2006)

  • The music video for "The Kill (Bury Me)" is based on the plot of The Shining, with the band arriving at an abandoned hotel with a striking resemblance to the Overlook Hotel. Various scenes mimic those from the film, including the typewriter and the woman in the bathroom.

Video Games[]

Duke Nukem 3D (created 2004)

  • Gamers were given a treat in the form of “The Shining 2,” a mod level for Duke Nukem 3D. In this version, players can explore the grounds of the Overlook Hotel without limitations. We’d try to avoid that room with the guy in the bear suit. You know the one.


Finding Nemo (2003) During the chase sequence. After Marlin and Dory escape the shark facility. Bruce is going berserk and banging the door. He saying, "HERE'S BRUCEY!" As referred to "Here's Johnny!"

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water (2015) In the scene where Plankton is searching inside SpongeBob's brain to find the secret Krabby Patty formula, he finds himself in a candy world and even encounters two popsicle twins stuck together, greeting Plankton saying, "Hello, Plankton. Come play with us." before adding, "Hurry... before we melt."

The Angry Birds Movie (2016) In the scene where Red and Chuck are going door-to-door to find the stolen bird eggs, Red opens one door, revealing two pigs dressed up in identical blue dresses. They both say "Redrum" dramatically, leaving Red looking uncomfortable and closes the door afterward.

Coco (2017) In the scene where Miguel is chasing after Dante through the art room, he passes by a painting of the Grady Twins as skeletons.

Ready Player One (2018) The second key challenge in the OASIS takes place in The Shining film itself. All the events of The Shining challenge appear; the Grady Twins, the elevator of blood, Lorraine, the elderly naked lady and Jack Torrance. (only his legs and ax show)