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Lorraine Massey is a character in the Stephen King book, The Shining.



In the past, Lorraine was known to seduce young bell boys into her room, where they would engage in sexual acts.  Full of self-disgust, she one day committed suicide by slitting her wrists whilst taking a bath. After her death, she continues to haunt the hotel, seemingly becoming one of the strongest poltergeist there, as her room is the most feared.

The Shining (book)[]

In the past, a young Lorraine Massey would usually seduce young bellboys who would visit her room.

Mrs. Massey dies in Room 217 during the 1975 season, so she's the hotel's freshest death at the time the Torrances move in. She's the wife of a prominent New York lawyer, but is at the Overlook with a much younger man who is obviously in it for the money. When the young man abandons her one evening, she commits suicide in the bathroom of 217. She seems like a zombie because she has a smell, and can walk and talk. Mrs. Massey can even choke people and probably much worse. But, she can't be a zombie because her body was removed right away to the morgue. She doesn't seem to be able to leave 217 and is a rather sad figure when we think about her. Like Roger, she's an embodiment of unrequited love.

In the present, Danny Torrance visited this room after a ball strangely rolled to him from its open doors. Later, he claimed that a "crazy woman" tried to strangle him. Jack Torrance then entered 217 (237 in the film), in search of what his son claimed to have confronted. In the book he finds a little bathroom carpet, smells woman soap and catches a glimpse of her in the bath before escaping the room and hearing her trying to follow him inside. In the film he instead encountered Lorraine as a young naked woman in the bathroom, having a bath who comes out and kisses him. During that kiss, she then morphed into a rather ugly, rotting old woman who chased Jack out, cackling at his infidelity.

Doctor Sleep[]

Lorraine Massey (whom Danny calls Mrs. Massey) appears in the beginning of Doctor Sleep, where she haunts Danny in his new home in Florida. With guidance from Dick Hallorann, Danny traps Mrs. Massey in a lockbox in his mind. 


  • In the film adaption, she seduces Jack Torrence with a kiss, then morphes into a rotting corpse (Billie Gibson). In the television series, Jack only catches a glimpse of her rotting corpse in the bath and runs away.
  • In the film adaption, she doesn't speak a word. In the television series, she speaks by often quoting, "Here a boy, there a boy, everywhere a pretty boy!".
  • In the film adaption of Doctor Sleep, she and the other ghosts are released from their lockboxes by Danny in order to destroy Rose the Hat. Starving, they consume her before turning on Danny and placing him under the Overlook's control.



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