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Tony is Danny Torrance's guide in The Shining.


The Shining (book)[]

Tony is, at first, a mere imaginary playmate. He then evolves into a source of fear, and finally a source of strength. Toward the end of the novel, Tony reveals himself to Danny: "'Danny ... you're in a place deep down in your own mind. The place where I am. I'm a part of you, Danny.'" More specifically, Tony is Danny from the future: "Tony was like looking into a magic mirror and seeing himself in ten years"; "Tony ... the Daniel Anthony Torrance that would someday be."

The Shining (film)[]

Tony is never shown in the film, leaving his appearance entirely to the imagination. He lives in Danny's mouth and hides in his stomach and "appears" to Danny by showing him a series of visions. He manifests himself through young Danny's finger wagging.

The Shining (miniseries)[]

Tony is Danny's imaginary friend who appears as a human but is not a physical figure. Tony is also the name of Danny's stuffed dog which has no importance on the story. He appears as a young blond male late teen/adult with round glasses and white clothes. He repeatedly warns Danny not to go to the overlook, enter room 217 etc. As the plot progresses, Tony appears less and less. At the very end of the miniseries, there is a scene set 10 years in the future which involves Dick Halloran being late for Danny's graduation. When older Danny (An estimated 17 years) appears on set, he is portrayed by Wil Horneff like Tony. It is revealed that Danny's middle name is Anthony. It can be inferred from this that Danny when he is a late teen/adult uses the Shining to revisit himself as a seven year old boy before he goes to the overlook, and warn his younger self of the danger.

The Shining (opera)[]

Doctor Sleep (Book)[]

Tony becomes the thought to be 'imaginary friend' of Abra Stone, a young girl from New England very powerful with the Shining (more so than Dan/Danny). Tony is never described or said to be seen in the book, just mentioned as Abra's imaginary friend. While a small child, Abra communicates with, now known as, Dan Torrance through a blackboard at Dan's office where he works at a hospice. Abra knows and thinks of Dan as Tony's dad. Later in the book when Abra is older, she calls on Dan for help.


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