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Ullman's Office refers to the office of Stuart Ullman in the Overlook Hotel.

Location[edit | edit source]

Ullman's Office is located off a section of The Lobby. A smaller secretary office precedes Ullman's office if entered through the lobby.

Styling[edit | edit source]

The lobby is based on the similarly themed lobby of the Ahwahnee Hotel.

Depiction[edit | edit source]

The Shining (book)[edit | edit source]

Ullman's Office is never discussed as most of the conversations between Stuart Ullman and Jack Torrance occur in front of the Overlook hotel.

The Shining (film)[edit | edit source]

The walls of the entire office comprises of a monotone-peach colored wallpaper, only broken up by a window. A large majority of the room consists of two leather chairs and Ullman's large desk. There's a radio providing outside connections to the world on a drawer at the side of the office.

The office is first seen early on in the movie during Jack Torrance's job interview, in which Torrance, Stuart Ullman, and Bill Watson discuss responsibilities, requirements and background information regarding the hotel. Torrance then enters the lobby and phones his wife Wendy.

The room is later seen when Wendy tries to establish an outside connection through the switchboards, these attempts prove futile. It is later established that the phone lines are down due to heavy snowfall. Following this, she enters the office and successfully communicates with a park ranger via the radio. The ranger provides weather news and then requests her to keep the radio on at all times.

The office is last seen after Jack's interaction with Delbert Grady. Following appeals by Dick Hallorann, the park ranger once again attempts to establish contact with the hotel. This is heard by Jack, who enters the office and rips apart circuits within the radio, successfully eliminating any ways of outside connections. Following this, he vandalizes the hotel's snowcat to incapacitate any attempted escapes by Wendy or Danny. The office is not seen nor mentioned again following this.

The Shining (miniseries)[edit | edit source]

Ullman's Office is never discussed as most of the conversations between Stuart Ullman and Jack Torrance occur in front of the Overlook hotel.

Spatially anomalous window[edit | edit source]

The window in Ullman's Office is spatially impossible because a hallway wraps around the back of it. The light coming through the window had to be positioned inside the walls of the surrounding hallways. Said to possibly be a faux window, the view changes multiple times, from daytime to night, and snow is shown falling. You can also hear the wind whipping outside the window but because the hotel set was built in a film studio, the wind sounds had to intentionally be added onto the soundtrack.

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Ullman's office is included in the maps for the Lobby.

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